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Waiting To Be Rescued From The Monsters In Your Life? Here’s The Way…So, how has life been going lately?Have you ever struggled at work, at home, or with a relationship where on the outside it looks like you’re handling things quite well. But on the inside, you feel like a mess, like you’re just going […]

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It was a cold, wet, dreary winter night when death came calling.
I was at work, the sleet and snow coming down so fast you could hardly see your nose in front of your face. I sure was glad I’d put my thermal underwear on, but even with them underneath my one-inch-thick insulated overalls, I was chilled to the bone. All I wanted was that night to be over with so I could go home and snuggle with my new bride of three months and sip on some hot chocolate while watching a movie. But that wasn’t to be…

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How To Find Out Who’s Really In Control Of Your Future…FUTURE: Is one of the scariest word in the English Language. Why, because it’s the one thing that keeps most people up at nights worrying  and  being stressed-out over. No other word can trigger our emotions into shock and chaos as fast as the word […]

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The Proverbs Project Using Wisdom To Find The Abundant Life Promised You God’s Got This Session #3 Is Stress, Fear, & Uncertainty Running Out-Of-Control In Your Life? Here’s How You Can Fix That!     Mom use to always tell me, “be smart today son, do the right things, remember you pay the consequences of your actions. […]

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The Proverbs Project The Pursuit of Wisdom and Understanding Brings Security Having a rough day? Place your hand over your heart. Feel That? That’s called purpose. So, don’t give up. You’re alive for a reason. You have a mission, a destiny in life. Proverbs 2 (1-5) The Gift Of Wisdom My son, if you receive my words and treasure […]

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