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Waiting To Be Rescued From The Monsters In Your Life? Here’s The Way…

So, how has life been going lately?

Have you ever struggled at work, at home, or with a relationship where on the outside it looks like you’re handling things quite well. But on the inside, you feel like a mess, like you’re just going through the motions, and not going anywhere?

Deep down inside you’re struggling with all the internal chaos of not knowing what you really want anymore. And your thoughts keep echoing that your missing out on something that could change your life dramatically.

At one time or another in our lives we all have asked, What if…?

What if I’d taken the other job? What if I’d met someone else or if I’d married blank instead of blank? What if I’d move to Texas instead of New York? All these What Ifs stay imbedded in our memories and popup when least expected causing frustration and grief.

They will eventually germinate and become full fledge doubts and uncertainties about who we are, how our lives have turned out, and the condition concerning the world around us.

We’re stuck in an uncertain imaginary world between our ears and we’re sinking fast like in a pool of quicksand. Before long if we’re not rescued and something doesn’t change, we’ll have vanished from existence.

We have gone to extremes to find the answer, searching the internet seeking someone else’s wisdom to eliminate what echoes in our minds.

We have read books, magazines, psychology reports, and have listened and taken advice from the smartest people on the plant but to no avail we’re still sinking a slow but sure death.

This isn’t some comic book or fairy tale with a happy ending. It’s real uncertainty and doubt, so real they have become like a nest of wasp who’s sting cause welts and pain, real physical pain in our members.

Some say oh, you can overcome any issues in your life by the thoughts you have. Science has proven your thoughts create the reality you live and that they are the most powerful creating force in the universe, other than God.

If this is true, then I must be creating all my uncertainty and doubts because they are what consume my every thought.

How then can I overcome something with my thoughts when that’s all that goes through my head those consuming thoughts of uncertainty and doubt?

My thoughts are supposed to be the most powerful force there is other than God the Creator and if they’re not producing the answer to my problems then maybe just maybe God can.

God do you have and answer to all this Chaos?

As the video shows you the only real lasting way to rid yourself of all the doubt, uncertainty, hurt, and pain in your life is through Jesus.

The story has been told for over 2000 years now about how one came to give you life and to give it more abundantly. To show you away to live a happy fulfilled life with purpose and meaning.

Millions upon millions of individuals just like you and I have sat at this threshold. Seeming to us to be the last moment in our lives and they were rescued from all the pain and suffering.

By calling on the name of Jesus for help…

… so how has all your searching on the internet, reading books/reports, listening to Gurus, and your thoughts done for you so far? Have they given you the peace and happiness you seek?

No, I didn’t think so because Jesus is the only answer. So, you can stop waiting to be rescued He will RESCUE YOU FROM IT ALL RIGHT NOW… You can find Him here He’s waiting for you, Click the Link and meet JESUSBegin Your Journey To A New Life With Jesus

Jesus The Way,

Greg Henderson